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1st May 2019Club Night
4th May 2019Welsh National Rally
Entry Forms and Regulations are now available at
/Rallies/Welsh National Rally/Entry Info
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5th Jun 2019Club Night
15th Jun 2019Photo Run
3rd Jul 2019Club Night
7th Aug 2019Club Night
4th Sep 2019Club Night
14th Sep 2019Classic Run
To Be Confirmed
2nd Oct 2019Club Night and AGM
6th Oct 2019Banwy Cup Trial
6th Nov 2019Club Night
1st Dec 2019Sarah Kilvert Trial
To Be Confirmed
4th Dec 2019Club Night
8th Jan 2020Club Night
5th Feb 2020Club Night
4th Mar 2020Club Night
1st Apr 2020Club Night
6th May 2020Club Night
3rd Jun 2020Club Night
1st Jul 2020Club Night
5th Aug 2020Club Night
2nd Sep 2020Club Night